WebVentures provides consulting services and software solutions to enable high performance e-commerce sites.

We’ve been in business designing, building and supporting e-commerce systems for 15 years.  Our specialty is in the design of systems to support high hit-rates and deliver fast and powerful catalog searches.   In fact, our catalog search mechanism is suited for a wide range of applications not only e-commerce.  It has applications in libraries and in spare parts or component display systems.  The fact that it is online makes it even more flexible and accessible to global customers and mobile workers.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia, but can provide solutions working anywhere in the world.  Our solutions can be self-hosted or hosted in the cloud.  We can help with all aspects of a solution including the integration with back-office systems.  The only aspect we don’t cover is the website layout and content.  That is completely in your control.  We provide a powerful template engine which is easy to integrate into HTML generated by most contemporary design software.

If we can help solve your online business problem please contact us and we’ll start talking.

WebVentures Pty Ltd.