The WebVentures High Volume Catalog Engine provides a very high-speed multi-index search capability suitable for product catalogs containing millions of items.  As such it is inherently suitable for library searches, product or parts database searches.  The Catalog Engine is a high performance search engine specifically designed for powerful search queries and is particularly suitable for sites containing several different index categories.  Searching is performed on a combination of one of more  indexed search fields which may be complete or partial fields.

For example, an online music store might offer customers a search on music genre, partial album name, artist or composer etc.  Searching is very flexible with a widely configurable range of options delivering search strategies ranging from very simple to advanced boolean queries.  Searches may include selections of keywords, exact phrases or partial words.  Searches on multiple indices may be entered as single or individual terms, e.g. one could search for a title and an author supplied in a single entry field or by title entry field and a separate author entry field.  A wide range of search options and combinations are available.

With scalable support for many millions of entries searchable by key or by combination of attributes, the Catalog Engine is suited for a wide range of applications, not only e-commerce.  It has applications in libraries and in spare parts or component display systems.  The fact that it is online makes it even more flexible and accessible to global customers and mobile workers.

The Catalog Engine is ideally suited for application in fields such as:

  • library catalogs
  • automotive or equipment parts catalogs
  • book or music catalogs
  • stock photo catalogs
  • office product catalogs
  • booking, lending or rental systems
  • warehouse inventory lists

Search results can return short or long-form product information including images, stock levels, store availability, prices, offer validity/expiry times, related documents and sound or video teasers/tasters.   Search results are “paged” e.g. results can be returned in pages with configurable numbers of results per page.  Complementing the indexed search, a free text search over stored documents e.g. product descriptions, abstracts or reviews can deliver extended or more detailed results as drill-downs.

The searchable data, i.e. the indexed data, can be updated periodically without interruption to online requests.  This is usually done using dual background/foreground catalog databases with the background catalog rebuilt with update batches before being hot-swapped with the foreground catalog.

Volatile information such as stock levels, store availability, reviews or even pricing (including special offers) can be individually updated in real-time for each catalog entry.

WebVentures can offer the High-Volume Catalog Engine as part of a complete online system or as a standalone element integrable into third party systems.  Contact us for more information.