Transaction Management for Global Sites.

E-commerce sites rely on trustworthy and reliable transaction management.  WebVentures delivers robust and secure online payment and transaction management services to merchant acquiring banks in Australia and New Zealand.  Outside those geographic areas, WebVentures integrates with local merchant acquiring services to deliver a full range of credit-card payment support.  Contact us to investigate support for your currency, in your language.

In addition to credit card payments, WebVentures provides customizable support for business-specific stored credit or pre-paid accounts.  Post-paid “account” transaction support is also available.

Transaction management ensures no payments are lost or orphaned from their corresponding business transactions.  Your customers see a complete and accurate response to their payment requests.  If their payment request is declined, a full description is provided.  For Australia and New Zealand regions, full security is provided for credit card payments by means of CVV/CSC (Card Verification Value/Card Security Code) capture during the transaction.  In other regions, additional data such as Billing Address may be verified.  No sensitive data, e.g. complete card numbers or CVV/CSC, is held online.  Only a partial card number is retained for cross-reference purposes.  Merchants have the ability to review all transactions through a separate web portal.

Transaction management also links with the CRM system to create comprehensive fulfillment notes or “pick-lists” to inventory/dispatch teams or systems.